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How to Take a Piece of the Self-Employment Pie

Although the recession might be well and truly behind us, jobs for recent graduates and college leavers are still difficult to come by – particularly for people outside of London and the greater south-east. Resultantly, the UK is currently experiencing a surge in those pursuing self-employment, forgoing the ordeal of job application after job application to focus their time and energy on creating a product or service that other people will buy. So, if you’re in the position where you’re looking for work – whatever the age or experience – is it time that you start seriously considering self-employment as a viable course of action? Stark Statistics for Self-Employment According to a report by the Office for National Statistics, from November through to February of this year, almost 150,000 people became self-employed. In the previous three months, the figure was 92,000, and in the three months before that it was 30,000. The trend is even more starkly obviously when you isolate the figures for those on part-time contracts, with 54,000 people in these conditions deciding to take on the challenge of self-employment. This suggests that there’s something to be said for the self-employment model. This is particularly the case because the economy is currently on the up, meaning that there’s more money in people’s pockets now than there has been for the past half-decade. A Telephone and a Laptop Although the Government want us to believe that the reason for the increase in self-employment is their investment in enterprise, the main influencing factor is arguably the types of business that are capable of being established in today’s digital age. According to Louis Clark, a spokesperson for The Freelancers’ Association PCG, “The Government talks about enterprise and start-ups, and that’s a factor causing it,” said Mr Clark. “But one thing we have seen very recently is the type of businesses people are starting is changing.” He suggests that the digital economy has facilitated the surge in self-employment because all you really need now is a laptop and an internet connection, all of which are relatively inexpensive in the grand scheme of things. With your laptop, you can take wireless payments from debit cards or alternatively you can rent a card machine from companies like which makes the process of making money simple. Ultimately, more and more people are turning to self-employment as a way of generating an income. If you’re looking for work, why not at least consider it?

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