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A binary options bot that does the hard work for you

Binary options trading is a quick and simple way to invest in the markets. Just pick an asset and predict whether it’s going to go up or down over a given period of time. What’s perhaps less simple is choosing which assets to invest in. That’s where CorrecTrade comes in. It’s an automated application, or bot, that uses an algorithm and in-depth analysis to identify trends and patterns. It then uses this information to predict asset movement and give reliable suggestions to potential investors. You don’t need any experience or prior knowledge. Whether you’ve already heard of CorrecTrade or are reading about it for the first time, this article will answer some of the most common CorrecTrade FAQs and help you to get started.

How exactly does it work?
The bot makes suggestions to help you decide what to invest in and when. Trading is through partner brokers, all of whom are fully regulated, transparent and ethical. This means that you can be sure that all of your transactions are legal and that there is no possibility of fraud.

How much does it cost?
Sign up is free and there are no hidden fees. Users don’t pay anything for using the bot. The registration process is quick and straightforward and you can start trading straightaway. Although CorrecTrade works in partnership with brokers, you don’t need any secondary registration in order to trade. Everything is taken care of when you sign up.

How do I start trading?
Once you’ve reviewed the suggestions made by the bot and made your investment choices, you’re ready to make contact with a broker and start trading. The site will direct you securely to their deposit page, where you can add funds electronically. As all partner brokers are carefully chosen and regulated, you can be confident that all transactions are secure and properly handled.

What’s the lowest amount I can trade?
All partner brokers offer minimum trading thresholds that are lower than the average for the industry. This varies between brokers and over time, but on average it’s around £25. It’s ideal if you only want to trade in small amounts or want to build up gradually.

How do I get my money out?
You can withdraw the payouts you’ve earned at any time. Just click the ‘Withdraw’ button. Money is electronically transferred by any of the methods supported by the particular broker such as debit card, credit card, wire transfer and E-Wallet. Partner brokers are obliged to transfer funds within a stated period of time. This is usually around 10 days.

CorrecTrade is a great way to get started in binary options trading. The bot does all the hard work and gives you reliable trading suggestions. All trading is via approved brokers and registration is free. With minimum deposits typically low, how much you want to invest is up to you.

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